We are all going through turbulent times, as we are witnessing the full pandemic of COVID-19. Unfortunately, this is closely followed by an economic crisis.

Is your company prepared to cope with this situation? Have you reduced your activity? Are your employees working from home? Do you have the competences needed to apply the latest legislative changes? If you are facing a business breakdown, you are not alone! And there is no need to panic even more over the administrative tasks, as our team can take over as much of HR's processes as you need!

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What functionalities has colorful.hr to offer

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Want to find out how colorful.hr can support you during these turbulent times?

  • Automates and streamlines your key HR processes
  • Allows your HR specialists to work from home and do their job effectively
  • Reduces your costs associated with HR personnel
  • Takes away the stress related to legislative changes
  • Eliminates human errors and calculates salaries on time
  • Offers you reports for smarter, data based decisions
* Demo-ul dureaza maxim o ora, se poate sustine online, si include o analiza initiala a nevoilor tale si un tur complet al platfomei colorful.hr. Schedule a DEMO to see colorful.hr in action

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